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Welcome and welcome to the official portal of the Abacus Market trading platform!

Accessing Abacus Market

If you want to access the Abacus Market, you need to download and install Tor Browser ,  Once you have the Tor Browser, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install the browser of your choice.
  2. Copy and paste the URL below into the browser address bar.
  3. Fill out the Abacus Market captcha and start shopping!

This is the only URL/Link for Abacus Market, please bookmark it to save time and ensure that you do not end up getting phished.

Creating an Account on Abacus Market

Incognito Market

Registering an account on Abacus differs slightly from other darknet markets in that it is very simple and intuitive. First you have to find the "Register” button. As soon as you go to the account creation screen, you will need to enter the data in all fields.

Abacus Market Sign Up Form

Enter a unique username not associated with any accounts generated elsewhere and a strong password (at least 8 characters long, consisting of letters, numbers, and special symbols). Then enter the captcha and press “Sign Up”. On the next screen you will be presented with a 24-word mnemonic.

Abacus market mnemonic example

This mnemonic serves as a kind of username/password combo that can allow you to regain access to your account should you somehow get locked out of it. After you have copied it and saved it to a safe and secure place, press “Proceed to Sign In”. You will now be redirected to the sign-in screen, where you will enter your newly-created username and password to log in to the site. And that’s it! You are now free to browse the market.

Depositing Funds On Abacus Market

Abacus Market does not use the traditional, central wallet system used by most other markets. As such, there is no need to make an initial deposit before placing an order. Rather than depositing funds into a market account balance, buyers send funds to a designated address to cover the cost of one order at a time. After the buyer has finalized the order, funds are then released by the market to the vendor.

Browsing Abacus Market

Listings are divided into the following categories (and subcategories):

  1. Drugs (Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Tobacco, Prescriptions, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis & Hashish, Stimulants, Opiates, Steroids, Psychedelics)
  2. Guides & Tutorials (Fraud, Hacking, Carding)
  3. Software & Malware (Software, License Keys, Exploit Kits, Botnets & Malware, Rats & Trojans, Digital Goods)
  4. Hosting & Security (Socks & Proxies, Hosting & Domains, VPN)
  5. Counterfeits (Clothing, Money, IDs)
  6. Other Listings

As with most darknet markets, the most popular category on Abacus is Drugs, which contains over half the market’s listings at any given time. Clicking on a listings category will reveal a grid view of items of that category. There is also a button to expand the "detailed search" filters.

Abacus market categories

From the basic grid view, we see the name of the product, the price, the vendor name, and the vendor’s level (higher level = more experienced vendor). Hovering over the product name reveals the full name of the product and clicking on it brings up more information about it.

Abacus market listing

Here we can see:

  1. Bigger photo of the product
  2. The product’s full title
  3. The product quality rating left by buyers
  4. The product type (physical or digital)
  5. Variable quantity and pricing info
  6. Coins accepted
  7. Quantity in stock/sold
  8. Delivery methods

In the left column you can see some basic statistics about the vendor, including their vendor level (experience level), breakdown of customer feedback (Positive, Neutral, Negative), and buttons to either send the vendor a message or check out their full line of listings. Clicking on the vendor name will take you to their page on the market.

Abacus market vendor

Here we can see advanced info about the vendor, including FE status and feedback ratings for quality, communication, and shipping. Beneath this, all the vendor’s current listings are displayed for easy browsing.

More About Abacus Market

Incognito Market

Founded in February 2020, Abacus Market is a wallet-less escrow darknet market that supports both Bitcoin and Monero.
The market does not have on-site wallets where funds are centrally stored, but rather single-use addresses for each order, and funds for completed orders always go directly to the vendor’s payout address. This mitigates the potential for an attack or exit scam to a certain degree in that there is never a single, big pool of user funds which can be stolen or confiscated.

The market’s Featured Listings are displayed on the main page. Running parallel to the Featured Listings is a list of “Latest Completed Orders” which allow you to see the market’s currently most popular listings. We recommend sticking with only experienced vendors on this market, who are names that you may recognize from elsewhere. This bit of advice – along with employing good OpSec and always encrypting your own info – are steps you can take to maximize your chances of success when placing an order on Abacus Market.

We only have 1 official link. You should save it.

Before You Enter

Before attempting to use Abacus Market there are some concepts you should first be familiar with:

  1. Cryptocurrency transacting. You must know how to send and receive cryptocurrencies to use Abacus; principally Bitcoin and Monero. We recommend always using Monero when possible as the obfuscated nature of its blockchain makes transactions much harder to trace.
  2. PGP encryption. You must know how to encrypt and decrypt messages using PGP. Though we will auto-encrypt the buyer’s shipping information if the buyer forgets to do it themselves, transmitting sensitive information that is unencrypted is always a big OpSec no-no. Be sure to learn how to do this for yourself as it is considered a must-do for any darknet market user.
  3. The Tor browser. You must have the Tor browser installed in order to connect to sites that end in “.onion”, which is everything considered to be on the “dark web”. You should also know how to use Tor in such a way that your privacy is best maintained. This includes never running Tor over a VPN, and always updating the browser to the latest version.

Abacus Market Stats

Stat Value
Founded 2020/02/21
Payment Methods Bitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR)
Traditional Escrow Yes
Vendor Bond $500 USD

How Abacus Market Works

Finalize Early

Vendor's that have proven themself over time, that have a good reputation, are able to take FE orders, this means that as soon as you place the order, the vendor will recieve the money, this is exit scam protection.

Market Fee

Vendor's must pay a fee in order to sell on Abacus Market, this fee is 5%, this fee goes to the market admin's and keeps the operation running smooth and stable, every market does this, it is why the Admin's take the risk.

Transaction Fee

Along with the vendor fee, there is a transaction fee of 1%, this is also for the same reasons why there is a vendor fee, without these, the market would not be possible to exist, operations would not be feasible without it.

Customer Support

Our support team is available 24/7, if you have any issues or questions about the market, do not hestitate to contact us with your issues, you can contact us by opening a support ticket on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Abacus Market Secure?
A: Abacus Market employs multiple evasion techniques that allow it to stay under the radar of law enforcement, we do this to ensure the anonymity of our users.
Q: How Big Is Abacus Market?
A: We are not the biggest, but we are also not the smallest, Abacus offers a large selection of products from a diverse collection of vendor's.
Q: Do I Need PGP?
A: Yes, PGP is very much suggested, if you want to make it easy for yourself, you can download Kleopatra, it is a PGP client that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Q: How Do I Pay For Items?
A: Abacus Market uses crypto-currencies in order to handle transaction payments, this ensures that the market cannot be traced, nor can the customers, although Bitcoin is fine, we suggest using Monero for payments.
Q: How Do I Buy Bitcoin?
A: The safest way to get Bitcoin for shopping on Abacus Market is to first buy XMR, then to convert it into BTC. You can buy XMR from localmonero.co and then convert it to BTC using a swap service such as SimpleSwap.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Stay up to date with the latest cryptocurrency prices for Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Litecoin (LTC):

Cryptocurrency Price (USD)
Bitcoin (BTC) $43,750.00
Monero (XMR) $176.29
Litecoin (LTC) $77.24

Updated every few minutes and accurate.

Why Choose Us?

At Abacus Market, we understand that trust, security, and convenience are the cornerstones of any successful online marketplace. That's why we offer a unique set of features and values that set us apart as you have already seen.

Placing An Order On Abacus Market

After you’ve found an item you wish to purchase, press the “Buy Now” button on the listing. Next, select what shipping option you prefer, your method of payment (BTC or XMR), and quantity (Amount). Then press the “Add to Cart” button (from the item page) to begin the order placement process. You will then be brought to your Cart page.

Note that while we will encrypt your shipping information for you if you don't, you should definitely still do this part yourself. As mentioned earlier, the PGP key for the vendor can be found on their vendor page, toward the bottom, in a separate tab labeled “PGP”. For physical orders, we require an address before checkout:

Abacus Market Cart

Next, press “Save” to attach the encrypted address to the order. The screen will refresh. If you are happy with the amount to be paid and everything else, press the “Checkout” button to continue. You will be brought to one order confirmation screen. Press “Purchase” to proceed. You will then be brought to the Purchases screen, which looks something like this:

Abacus Market

Click on the purple "view" button to begin the payment process. This will bring up the screen for your particular purchase, complete with a Payment Address and price total. Scroll down until you see the Payment information. This will present to you the amount to be paid in your selected cryptocurrency.

Abacus Market Payment

Here we can see the amount to be paid: 0.31849292 XMR as well as the address to which you will send the payment (begins with 4Kk…).You will have 24 hours to complete payment before the order is cancelled. Orders are confirmed after 2 confirmations by the blockchain.
As mentioned earlier, payments are made by the order, meaning you only need to send enough funds to cover one order at a time.

Notice how beneath the auto-cancel there is a series of order-specific States:

  1. Purchased
  2. Sent
  3. Delivered
  4. Disputed
  5. Canceled
Abacus Market Payment

After payment for the item has been made, the vendor will be informed of your order and will begin preparing it. For FE orders, funds must be released to the vendor as soon as this status is updated to Sent. For Escrow orders, payment should be made after it has been delivered.

If you do not receive your escrow order, or it isn’t what you were expecting, you can open a dispute from the Purchases page. This will require you to tell the dispute moderator what happened. They will then ask the vendor for their side of the story and take into consideration both sides before deciding upon an outcome. Of course, we recommend trying to avoid disputes at all costs, which can be done by sticking with reputable (trusted) vendors that have a fair-to-large degree of experience. FE orders are very risky and you should fully trust the vendor before placing a FE order. It is not possible to dispute a FE order because the funds are released immediately after the order is marked shipped. This means we are not able to recover any funds in case there is a problem with your order. We will investigate the vendor to see if there are more complaints and take action if needed. If you do not have previous experience with the vendor you are about to order from, you should only order escrow listings.

If you are happy with your order, be sure to mark it as received so funds can be released to the vendor ASAP. This is considered proper darknet market etiquette, and not doing so may get you blacklisted from order placement by the same vendor in the future.


Please take note that this website does not condone, profit from, or support the Tor Hidden Service "Abacus Market". This website is provided for educational and research purposes, with this website, researchers can collect information about the Tor Hidden Service without accessing it themselves. Please also take note that it is not illegal to access Abacus Market, the only illegal action is if you purchase items or sell them, simply browsing the website is not a crime, one does not have to search hard to gain access to Abacus Market. Abacus Market is not a secret, it is public knowledge that anyone can access it at anytime using any IoT device with the exception of Tor support.

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